Looking For A Boost In The Bedroom? Maybe CBD Can Help.

Looking For A Boost In The Bedroom? Maybe CBD Can Help.

It’s a crazy world in which we live…seemingly even more crazy by the day. Our fondness with technology, our phones, computers and a hunger for the latest ‘trending’ topics is gradually pushing good ‘ole human interaction from our lives. Casually observe patrons at a restaurant. People don’t share eye contact and genuine conversation anymore. Most are in an insulated technology bubble that merely requires a blank distant stare and an ability to scroll or text. We are slowly loosing our connection with one another.

We’ve become so infatuated and obsessed with the latest news in our quest to stay current and informed that we have lost compassion and the human touch in our lives. There is a reason people today display more tendencies of anxiety and depression than our previous generations. The constant quest to stay current and knowledgable of all things happening in our digitally and technologically influenced world is on-going and relentless. It’s impossible to read, interpret, digest, think about and create opinions about everything that is literally thrown at us on a daily basis. Yet we try to do it anyway. This creates a form of cognitive dissonance that can make people feel uneasy and uncomfortable, because no matter how hard we churn the proverbial ‘hamster wheel’ we just can’t catch up. Throw in family and job responsibilities, getting the kids to and from soccer practice, keeping up with the Jones’ and suddenly you’ve created the perfect storm for allowing stress and anxiety to creep into your life. Perhaps effectively managing stress and anxiety in every day life can also lead to increased intimacy and connection with your partner in the bedroom?

What is CBD And Can It Help With Intimacy?

CBD oil, CBD topicals, lotions, edibles and smokables have become a popular natural remedy used for potential benefit for many common ailments. The main active ingredient in cannabis derived from hemp is called Cannabidiol. CBD or cannabidiol will not get you high like it’s cousin tetrahydrocannabinol which is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Still, CBD and its cannabis cousin have been used as pain relievers since 2500 BC when the Chinese infused teas with cannabidiols for their potential benefit in pain relief for gout, arthritis and child birth.

CBD For Stress And Anxiety?

CBD targets the endocannabinoid system by interacting with receptors in your brain that bring balance to emotions and stress that occur in every day life, only without the unwanted side effects of prescription anxiety medications. (Stress, Anxiety and CBD)

Today studies are showing that CBD may be benificial as a natural remedy for reducing pain and inflammation, as well as possibly relieving stress, anxiety and depression among other things.

But how might CBD help you and your partner get in the mood for intimacy? Firstly, let us say CBD is not an aphrodisiac. However, studies have suggested that CBD used for anxiety and depression are naturally occurring, plant based remedies that may be able to help you and your partner keep stress out of the bedroom and get in the mood a little easier. Keeping the daily outside stressors of life in general out of your life and bedroom, may very well be a positive step in finding the ever elusive ‘spark’ once again. 

CBD And Depression?

Keeping and maintaining a healthy sexual relationship over a long period of time can very well be a challenge for most everyone. Sometimes experiencing a reduced libido over time may be a sign of depression. Combine bouts of depression with stress or anxiety and suddenly the perfect storm for a lack of intimacy infiltrates the bedroom. Studies have shown that CBD may relieve symptoms of depression by normalizing and bringing balance to the serotonin receptors in your body.

Heart To Heart…And Skin To Skin!

If you and/or your partner are experiencing any issues with intimacy, stress, anxiety or depression, it is important to step back, take a long slow deep breath and talk openly about your thoughts and feelings. No one is guaranteed a loving, caring, intimate, compassionate relationship. The couples that find the most success work at their relationships daily and create an open loving environment where communication is the key. CBD may help remove some of the daily stressors in your life, paving the way for more heartfelt intimacy.

Suggest a morning coffee break with your sweetie of The Mother’s Best cinnamon infused CBD, (CBD Infused Coffee) or perhaps a couple’s massage using our Healing Hemp Lavender Lotion  or CBD Muscle Relief Gel. A little heart to heart and skin to skin nurturing may be all you need to get your love life back on track!    

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