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About Us: The Power Of Plants
Partners & friends Tony Smith and Greg Daughtry began their journey to create a superior, organically grown hemp for CBD products in 2018.  
Greg's personal story using CBD contributed to their decision to become hemp farmers.  The appeal of using all natural plant-based methods to possibly combat pain and inflammation was very intriguing to Tony and Greg.
Now The Mothers Best CBD crafts the highest quality products available for human and pet consumption in the CBD marketplace today. 
The Mothers Best plants are grown to the highest possible standards, using only premium organic products and get plenty of individualized attention and TLC daily on our small North Carolina farm. No expense is spared and there are no compromises or shortcuts.
It has often been said that ‘all life comes from our Mother Earth’ as she nurtures and cares for us all. There is only one CBD company worthy of the name The Mothers Best.
Billing will appear from our parent company Pioneer Mill IFH.

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