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Having chronic back pain for years I decided to give The Mothers Best CBD products a try. Within 2 weeks of starting the 3000mg tincture I was able to reduce "Traditional" pain meds by 75%.  After several years of low strength narcotics, I now take 1 Aleve, 1 Tylenol and 1 50mg Tramadol daily which provides very good control of my pain. I am a firm and dedicated believer in The Mothers Best Products!  Dr. Elizabeth Clark, MD, RVT, FACS , Greenville,  SC

I’m a huge fan of The Mother's Best products!
I’ve used The Mothers Best Tinctures, Muscle Gel, Lavender Lotion and PetTonicx, all to great effect. So much so, I’m a repeat customer! The CBD Muscle Relief Gel works wonders on my sore back, neck and shoulders. I put it wherever it hurts, and It Works! I’ve felt positive benefits from the CBD Tinctures as well. I like the natural 1500mg and the mint 1000mg. I’ve tried many others, but this stuff is the Real Deal!

The Lavender Lotion is calming, soothing, therapeutic and effective.
Hemptonicx organic CDB products have helped me to reduce pain and calm anxiety. PetTonicx has helped to calm our cats! They love it!  Greg M. Chicago,Il

Gorgeous plants! Love this product! I have PTSD. Doctors have recommended that I take pharmaceuticals. I tried that once and the drug made me a zombie and completely changed me. I take just one small dose in the morning and my anxiety is gone. No side effects! Thank you for such a great product!  Julie W Charlotte, NC

I’m an avid bowler in a league and had been experiencing soreness in my shoulder. I began using The Mother’s Best Muscle Relief Gel and immediately got relief!  Told all my bowling league teammates about it too! 

It’s the real deal!  Corey, S Fort Mill, SC

 The Mother’s Best CBD, PetTonicx is amazing!  I have a 9 year old chocolate lab with severely arthritic hips.  She has been struggling to go up the stairs and slow to get moving after lying down. I have been using the Bacon-Peanut Butter CBD oil on her food once a day for 3 weeks. I have seen amazing results as she now goes up stairs without hesitation and is also getting up and down from sitting/laying much easier and faster. As the ‘dog mom’ of an aging member of the family I admit I was hesitant in trying any CBD products.  There’s a vast variety of products for humans and pets. After seeing the results, I trust The Mother’s Best, a locally grown organic product for my pets and will continue using it!  Jennifer S, Belmont NC 

 I’ve got arthritis in my hands that can be quite painful, especially if it’s really cold and damp outside. I started using the 1500mg CBD product and after about 5 days I was pain free. The Mother’s Best has made a big difference in my life! Casey M

My dog Barkley suffers from anxiety and when he gets nervous will bark all the time.  I started him on the PetTonicx Bacon Peanut Butter CBD Oil and he has calmed down significantly.  He also enjoys the taste and will lick the eye dropper when it’s time for him to get a dose.  Wayne W, Columbia, SC




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