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New from The Mother's Best Laboratories, The Edge Blend (900 CBD, 1200 CBG) created from our own organically grown hemp plants. CBG is highly touted as The Mother Of All Cannabinoids. Current studies suggest that CBG may have a role in enhancing pleasure and motivation, helping to regulate appetite, anxiety, sleep, as well as  alleviating pain and inflammation.  Scientists are very excited about the promise CBG has shown in animal studies regarding the blocking and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Researchers have suggested that CBG should be considered in the cure and prevention of colon cancer. We're not making any claims that CBG can help cure any illness or disease, but we are very optimistic about all the positive research revolving around The Mother Of All Cannabinoids, CBG. Follow this link to learn more about the potential of CBG.

Other conditions that have reported potentially positive benefit from CBG include Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Glaucoma, and Huntington's Disease.  It is also reported  CBG may have antibacterial properties that may be effective in treating staph infections, especially against methicillin resistant strains Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA.

When you combine all of the positive benefits of CBD and CBG you have a potential powerhouse of cannabinoids that seek to keep the body in a state of balance and well being. Try The Mother's Best Edge Blend today! 


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