Recent Baylor University Study Finds CBD Improves Mobility In Dogs

Recent Baylor University Study Finds CBD Improves Mobility In Dogs

As our beloved furry friends begin to age many have to deal with the same issues their 'humans' do as well, such as mobility concerns.  The American Kennel Club says one in five dogs in the US suffer from mobility challenges relating to osteoarthritis. Humans, dogs, cats, horses and almost all mammals share what is known as the endocannabinoid system. In a most simplistic definition, the endocannabinoid system helps promote balance within the body by keeping your internal processes stable. CBD seems to promote homeostasis within the endocannabinoid system by helping alleviate pain and inflammation. With further testing, we're hoping to develop a better understanding of the endocannabinoid system as it shows promise that could eventually hold the key to treating several conditions for humans and pets.

One such promising study out of Baylor University involved the testing of 20 client owned dogs facing mobility issues. Some of the animals received CBD while others were given a placebo. Dr. Matthew Halpert reported that encouraging results were found. “Nine of the 10 dogs on CBD showed benefits, which remained for two weeks after the treatment stopped. We did not detect alterations in the blood markers we measured, suggesting that, under the conditions of our study, the treatment seems to be safe.” 

Researchers were particularly interested in the tests with dogs because their condition closely resembles the characteristics of human arthritis. Ultimately, they were so pleased with the safety and efficacy of the CBD trial, they intend to go forward with human testing.

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Beth T: "Kasey, my 12 year old black labrador, began having trouble with arthritis in her right hip approximately four years ago. Traditional medication prescribed by her veterinarian provided little relief (as well some negative side effects) and acupuncture wasn't helpful either. After daily use of PetTonicx CBD for just two weeks, her moblity and interest in longer walks was remarkable! I can't say enough positive things about your product, and have recommended it's use to a number of friends with older dogs."

Wanda  S: "We have an 12 year old labrador retriever, who has recently had increasing issues with her hips and knees. One weekend morning, we got up to a seemingly confused and weak legged dog. She was eating and drinking but all was not well. The change in her by the next morning was amazing and things continued to get better and within a week or so, she was back to her old self. What was wrong with her that appeared to be stroke like? We don’t know but whatever it was and whatever the reason, she got better. Now days, when she overdoes it by chasing a deer or anything else that runs in our ever decreasing woods, we give her CBD oil and she acts like she is her old self again. Regardless of the problem, it seems, for us, to be the answer to the aches and pains of a senior dog. We cannot thank The Mother’s Best enough, they have given us our lab back, at least for a while!"

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