CBD Product Traceability: Our Farm To Your Home

CBD Product Traceability:  Our Farm To Your Home

CBD Product Traceability:  Our Farm To Your Home

The popularity of CBD seemingly increases every day. Certainly people are turning to CBD as a way to potentially address issues such as pain, inflammation and even sleep among other things. In an unregulated marketplace, that leaves the door open for CBD manufacturers to sometimes make claims that cannot be substantiated. Therefore it is critical that your trusted CBD products are able to be traced each step of the way from ‘farm to your home.’ Accountability and traceability provide a proven lineage of the products that you, your family members and pets consume. 

It all starts with the seeds or clones of the industrial hemp plant. As a consumer you have every right to know what the genetics are of the seeds or clones in your products. CBD producers and farmers should be totally transparent about where seeds and clones are sourced, where they are grown and how they are cultivated and processed into CBD products.

One reason our Mothers Best line of CBD products are so highly coveted is because we grow our own hemp on our own North Carolina small farm. We are boutique growers. All is organically grown to very exacting standards. 

We don’t grow hundreds of acres of hemp plants. Think of our process as being a ‘micro-brewery’ for hemp, so naturally everything we grow is blessed with organic fertilizers and goodness, as well as heaping helpings of Tender Loving Care. Our plants respond to this strategy well, creating plants that traditionally have higher CBD values and terpene rich flavor profiles.

As a consumer, you should educate yourself on the following matters when it comes to your CBD Products.


  • Where and when was it grown and cultivated?  How was it grown? On larger farms for example, synthetic and/or petroleum based fertilizers are often used because it is quite expensive to grow completely organically. Were pesticides used? How did the farmer address insect infestations? What products were used in that process? 
  • What type of hemp is grown? Certain strains have naturally higher THC content and may be more prone to the user failing a drug test. Growers should be thoroughly transparent about the plant’s genetics.
  • Testing - All products should have a readable QC code on the labels that relates back to lab testing and Certificates of Analysis. Insist on full panel testing that includes heavy metal tests and the presence of any pesticides. Educate yourself on how to read these tests.  


Since CBD is a new and rapidly evolving industry, it’s easy to think that all growers and producers of CBD products are totally transparent and the claims they make are indeed true. Our process at The Mothers Best is thoroughly traceable from seed to final product. We love to talk about our process and how we ensure everything we produce is exactly what is advertised. Still it is our responsibility as consumers to be sure that what we, our family members and pets are ingesting is a trusted ‘farm to your home’ process.





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